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London FAQs

View frequently asked questions about London to help you plan your visit. Discover the best ways to get around the city, when to visit, where to stay and other insider travel tips from locals.

What are the best areas to stay in when visiting London?

Mayfair, Soho, Kensington, and Chelsea are amongst the most visited areas in London.

What is the number one attraction in London?

The Tower of London is a must-see attraction during your stay. It contains approximately 1000 years of history within its ominous structure. This medieval castle served various purposes from a jail for significate political prisoners, to a Royal Palace.

When should I visit London?

Visiting from June to August will allow visitors to enjoy London’s best climate. The parks are lush and green, iconic vines are in bloom and the city hosts numerous events during this period.

What food is London known for?

Chicken Tikka Masala, Fish and Chips, Pie and Mash, Scotch Egg and the famous Full English Breakfast are among the many culinary experiences we encourage you to try!

What is the best way to travel around London?

The London Underground also known as “The Tube” amongst locals, is an excellent way to get in and around London. Available from Heathrow Airport (LHR) into the city centre, be sure to look out for the closest tube station to the property you reside in.

How much is an underground (tube) in London?

£2.80 for a single ticket with an Oyster card/contactless card with the full cash fare being £6.70.

How much is a taxi in London?

1 mile takes approximately 6 - 13 minutes in a taxi, at a fee of £6.40- £10.20

How much is the bus fare in London?

You’ll need an Oyster card, Travelcard or a contactless payment when riding the bus, as all London’s buses are cashless. The bus fare is approximately £1.75, with a day of bus-only travel costing you a maximum of £5.25. Unlimited transfers between other buses or trams are possible within the first hours of you touching in for your first journey.

What is the London Pass?

The London Pass is a sightseeing smart card which entitles the holder to enter several tourist attractions in and around London, with a single fee.

How much do you tip in London?

Tourists usually tip around 10% - 15% however a smaller percentage is acceptable when using public transport. Some restaurants automatically add a tip to your bill.

London Travel & Area Guides

Find out about the top attractions and must-see sights in London in our expertly crafted London area guides, perfect for both first-time and seasoned travellers. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture and history by exploring its iconic landmarks, world-renowned museums, and bustling neighbourhoods.

With no shortage of things to do in London, why not plan your next vacation or holiday and book an unforgettable stay in one of the world's most exciting cities?

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