How it works.


It’s pretty simple, really.


The Problem


When you book an Airbnb - or accommodation via other mainstream booking sites - a large amount of what you pay goes to the platform itself. As the customer, you get zero additional service or value for these baked-in platform fees. We don’t like this.


What’s more, you’ll know already that Airbnb and co. list every home under the sun and for the customer, it’s a headache sorting through all the options and trying to read between the lines of the (seemingly always stellar) reviews etc. We think there’s room for improvement.


Our Solution


We assemble the city’s finest, professionally-managed, handpicked and best-reviewed homes. A curated collection you can rely on, to replace the Airbnb lottery.


And when you book SMARTER, you know you’re getting better value than Airbnb because we charge dramatically lower platform fees. In fact, you can save an average of $400 per booking for the exact same stay booking it on SMARTER than on mainstream listing sites.