Smarter London

Smarter Savings & Stay For Good Donation

Smarter Savings

Smarter’s service fees are slimmer than the major listing sites’ and we gift the savings to our guests so they can book stays at highly competitive prices.

When you book, you’ll see a ‘standard’ rate and then the ‘Smarter’ rate. The difference between these is the Smarter Savings figure.

The standard rate is the market ‘rack rate’ that the home is listed at on Smarter, before the Smarter Savings are applied.

Some homes may appear on multiple listing platforms which may refresh rates at different times, so the Smarter Savings figure cannot always be 100% accurate, and it may sometimes include discount elements not exclusive to Smarter, for example those for longer bookings. 

However, the bottom line is that we’ll always offer you the very best rate under our Smarter Price Guarantee.

The Smarter Price Guarantee

We’re 100% committed to securing you the very best rate for your stay, so if you do find the same stay listed on any standard OTA or listings aggregator for the same or better price, we’ll promise to offer you an even Smarter price.

Smarter’s Stay For Good Donation

Our mission at Smarter is to super-offset the carbon footprint of all our stays, which is why Smarter and our partners have pledged to make a donation from the proceeds of every single booking to our sister charity, the Stay For Good Foundation, which will be directly invested in purchasing fully-accredited carbon credits. You can see exactly how much we’ll donate for your booking below the Booking Total figure.