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Rawlings Street

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Shower stall & bath


  • Washer
  • Family friendly
  • Toaster
  • High ceilings
  • Oven
  • Last Minute
  • Microwave
  • Garden
  • Kettle
  • Essentials
  • Central heating
  • Iron
  • TV
  • Wooden floors
  • Baby-friendly
  • Plates and cutlery
  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Antique furniture
  • Ironing board
  • Glasses
  • Sash windows
  • Hob (Stove)
  • WIFI Internet
  • Dishwasher


  • WIFI



Once a synonym for bohemian living in the city, those who occupy its charming squares and townhouses live a rather more comfortable lifestyle now. (Almost) long gone too are the days of the ‘Sloane Ranger’, a particular type of upper-middle-class Londoner who once roved the streets around Chelsea and Sloane Square — what does remain is a multitude of high-end fashion boutiques and eateries along the King’s Road; a must-visit for all fashion-lovers.

Nearest Transport

Sloane Square, 10 mins walk


Rawlings Street


  • Check in 15:00. Check out 10:00.
  • Minimum length of stay: 4 nights
  • Maximum party size: 2 guests
  • Minimum advance period: 4

Next door is having a little building work done, mostly between 8am and 5pm. It's nothing too dramatic but be prepared for the odd bang.
No smoking, pets or parties!


Overall very good. The welcome could have been a lot better. The property was very cold and damp feeling when we arrived, and it took a while for us to work out how to crank up the heat, despite your instructions. The welcomer could have done a better job at getting the place warm for our arrival and instructing us on the heating. We spent the first 24 hrs miserable.

Another problem with the property. They obviously have a clothes moth problem since the moths fly out of the drawers every time they are opened. I would not rent this property again for this reason. We all know that once moth eggs get into one's woolens, potentially one's whole wardrobe can be ruined. I've been there, and am particularly sensitive about the problem.
Our experience was fine. Disappointed the dryer was not functioning. We were home during the day on one day and the construction noise is unbearable. The ad acknowledged this was going on but noted it was "a few bangs" here and there, which was not the case at least on that day. It did not bother us as we were gone most days but you might want to be more clear about this on the ad.
All in all it was very good, despite the details I mentioned which bothered me the first day or two after traveling all night.
The neighborhood is great and convenient and we really enjoyed staying there.
A fan was definitely needed for the 4 very hot days. The bedroom is at the top of the house.
One more thing... the shower curtain is TOO SHORT. There is a space between the curtain ending and the top of the bathtub. The floor always got wet. No problem in the warm weather but usually it is not like that in London. Get a longer shower curtain so that water does not escape. The fan did not seem to be working in the bathroom either. Fix the fan. Ventilation not good.
Description of property did not mention 4 flights of stairs to bedroom. Carpets were heavily stained, no microwave or indoor cooling fans. Half bathrooms could have had toiletries and hand towels. Due to heatwave in London there was no way for cooling down the rooms, nighttime was uncomfortable. Having lived in Chelsea for a number of years I knew the area and attractions plus ease of transportation and this property was ideally located for my purposes. Price was very reasonable.
agency very helpful as there were a number of glitches to overcome - toughest was internet access. Liked size & differernt floors of house - u should mention that train line is right behind (altho noise made no difference) & tenants in gd floor that look right into garden if u use it. The worse was kitchen dishes - need new plates, mugs, more glasses etc. Recommend include dish soap for dishwasher (there were a few) as well as washing machine, and leave some coffee (there was some), tea, milk, sugar, small bread & fruit - at least basics for travellers (as most rental agencies do). include a list of nearby shopping etc (we know neighborhood so it wasnt a problem). All rooms needed a thorough cleaning, there are ripped curtains, lots of chipped walls etc - the basic house is great, just needs minor upgrades